Firstly we should know about the overpopulation, which means that an undesirable circumstance where the number of the human population exceeds the actual carrying capacity of EARTH.

In 2015 India’s population was a whopping 1.31 Billion. Predictions shows in 2022 India will over take China to become World’s most populous country. That’s just two years from now, earlier predictions cited year 2028 for this to happen. But India’s population is growing so rapidly, that it will reach that mark in 6 years advance and it isn’t a matter of vanity.

Overpopulation leads to poverty, which will increase the crime and illegal activities, leads to climate change which increases the depletion of nature resources. Forestry, petroleum products, drinking water, lands which has given by the nature gradually decreases. We don’t have that much land, water and other resources which can’t satisfies the all humans need. Also leads to increase in social and religious conflicts.

So overpopulation is regarded as the root cause of most of the problems in the part of the world. In India, the condition has really worsened and visible every where like markets and public places.

Generally we know about the problem of overpopulation, but we don’t think about the solutions. We should focus on solutions, so we have some solutions about the overpopulation.

  • First, Spreading the Awareness, we have to spread awareness about the overpopulation, and literate each and everyone no matter what. We can viral the awareness videos, articles, plays, dictate the basic points of the problem.


  • Second, Implementing Family Planning Schemes, Most developing nations have a large number of people who are illiterate, live below the poverty line, and have little or no knowledge about family planning. Besides, getting their children married at an early age increases the chances of producing more kids.

Those people are unable to understand the harmful effects of overpopulation, and lack of quality education prompts them to avoid family planning measures.

  • Third, Diminishment of Poverty, Population and poverty are directly proportional to each other. Poor people think that if we increase the number of family members, then we will have more hands to earn the money. But this thought is illogical, if the one or two family member earn a good amount of money for the family then there is no  need to increase the number of children. Unwanted reproduction is also caused of child labour problems, which is increasing day by day in our country.


  • Forth, Law and Enforcement, In 1960, China promoted the ONE CHILD POLICY, but that policy was failure. Thirty years later in 2015 they ended this policy, because this policy lead to huge gender imbalance and increase in female feticide. So government should promote the two child policy and the government schemes and subsidies applicable for only first two child.


  • Fifth, Incorporating Awareness in Educational Hubs, new generation should learn about the economical and environmental issues in their educational places. They also aware about the overpopulation and other social problems. So that they can defeat the problems in future or maybe they bring new ideas of solutions.

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